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Doll Bed


Our handmade doll bed is perfectly sized for both American Girl Dolls and MapleLea Dolls. Also perfect for your collection of stuffed animals.


Our sturdy, elegant doll bed, is designed with a rope mattress for extra spring!

Let your children practice their nurturing skills as they tuck their dolls into bed.

Add a standard sized pillow as a mattress and our Doll Bed is ready for all your dolls. Our Doll Bed is long enough to fit both the American Girl and MapleLea Girls dolls.

Recommended for ages 3-7 years, it will inspire all kinds of creative play. Makes a lovely gift!

If you want to get creative or customise your Doll Bed further, the unfinished wood used to make Doll Bed is ready to finish with a non-toxic paint or stain. Customise it to make it your own. Perfect for creative minds. Will it be covered with daisies? Or will you leave it as is? It’s entirely up to you.


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Weight 1560 g
Dimensions 64.5 x 40 x 27 cm
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